Rockin' it Out!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Good bunch of info after the support group meeting!

Forgive the rambling as I try to spew this information out of my brain before I forget.

So... last month at the meeting the new NP was going to be meeting with the band rep and be asking about my situation (for any newbies: I have a 9cc band and have 9cc's in it).  She was going to first ask about logistics... i.e. does the tubing count towards my 9 cc count of is there an additional couple cc's to fill due to that.  Answer: yes, the tubing is included in the 9 cc count and thus.. I have a full band according to the fill counts.  The NP next asked what the rep's take on removing all the fluid to see what's in there was.  Answer: she doesn't recommend it.  Apparently my band has different regions (what the NP used as terms to get me to understand) and when you add fluid slowly it settles into the right areas but when you remove it all and force it into the band all at once and quickly, then it can settle into all the wrong places and make me extremely filled (read: too tight) or not filled enough but a full band.

What does all this mean for me?  The rep said she thinks I'm a good candidate for getting my next fill under fleuro.  This makes me VERY happy that they are taking this seriously and I'll get to see what's going on in there and they can make the decision on what the deal is.  The NP wants to make sure the band is positioned properly and that there are no leaks.  She also said perhaps one or more of the fills went into my subcutaneous layer and not into the band, thus making me not as full as I think.

Hopefully this made sense for everyone.  If it didn't, ask me questions!  I'll be happy to clarify.  Basically now, the NP is working with the program director to see whether my self-pay funds will cover this or if I can just pay the difference between a regular fill and a fleuro fill.  Either way, it sounds as though I'll be heading to the hospital to get a fleuro fill done in the near future and I couldn't be happier to be getting some STRAIGHT answers from this new NP.  She's my new favorite lady, I think! :)

I seriously feel SUCH relief just in getting these questions answered.  My band is officially full UNLESS they missed the port on one or more of my fills.  That is ok with me because I KNOW now... it's good to be in the KNOW!  Ahhhh, sweet relief.

Also, thank you all for the support.  This has been really hard on me emotionally and you have all been there for me encouraging me to keep going and keep on truckin'.  I appreciate the crap out of all of you, each and every one!


  1. I cant wait to find out what is up! I am glad you are finally starting to get answers!

  2. Yay Tiff, we can't wait to hear what happens. Sounds like very good news.

  3. I totally get wanting to know. It will put all your questions to rest and at least you'll know what you're dealing with finally. This new NP sounds like a godsend.

    Very excited for you. I'll be curious to see what they say/see.

  4. Great news. Can't wait to hear what they find!

  5. Your'e going to be blown away when they do your fill fluoroscopically. That's how I've gotten my two fills. It is MUCH more precise! No guessing and the doc will be able to watch you swallow fluid. It's cool to watch it go down. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you. Don't be nervous at's a breeze!

  6. I have always wondered what we do when our bands are full to the brim - now I know. Look forward to hearing how it went. :)

  7. Like the others I'm glad you are going to get to the bottom of this issue and have some relief. HUGS!