Rockin' it Out!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday, checking in

It's pretty late here already but I napped this afternoon, thank goodness.  First things first.. my weight stayed the same from yesterday which means I'm counting that loss... 31 lbs down, WOOHOO! :) The scale moved at last :)  I'm thrilled to be so close to another number range too :) Soon I'll have a weight beginning with 20- and I can work on getting to that goal of ONEderland!!! :)

More big news though in our house.  Everyone is sick.  I've got this cough hanging on from the flu that you really need to cough HARD.. from your TOES kind of cough and then NOTHING comes out.  A very NON-productive cough.  I called the nurse about it today and she said it's the signature symptom of the lovely H1N1 that I appear to have. :(

Bad news number 2.  The hubby appears to have this same nagging cough but is staying on top of his tylenol and kicking the fever's butt, quickly.

Bad news number 3.  Cadence had a bout with croup last night.  She has had this for four times in the last year now.  We were given chewable steroids to keep on hand and thank goodness for them!  We ran out though so we head into the doc this morning and she gave us a new script for them and $50 later and we're set in case it happens again. :(  For those non-parents or people not in the know... croup makes your airways swell and when you breathe in it sounds like a squeak because the air has just THIS much room to make its way through.  Plus, when you go to cough you sound like a barking seal.  This is the signature symptom of croup.  We're pros at this now though and went to her immediately with the steroids and she chomped them right up.  She slept in my bed then with Chris in the guest bed.  Emphasis on SHE slept in my bed.  Wasn't any sleeping for this mom as she was breathing pretty funky and I just wanted to make sure she WAS breathing.  Hence, my nap this afternoon! :)  She was quite a sad story though... telling me she didn't like this (pointing to her throat) and said she didn't want it to happen anymore.  Poor thing.  Makes a mama miserable! :(

So keep us in your thoughts as we all recover this weekend.  Hopefully by Monday we'll all be back to normal.  I'm tired of being sick!!!


  1. Oh Tiffani - I totally understand the "SHE SLEPT" comment - Lu was in mine earlier last week. No funky breathing for her, but a strong fever that kept me awake checking her all night long!!! HOpe you all get better soon. Good for you on the weight loss. That might be one good thing for the flu, huh?!?!?

  2. Sounds like a miserable time in your house. Hoping you all feel better soon!

  3. Rest and take care of yourself too! Feel better soon.