Rockin' it Out!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Please forgive me...

I have been faithfully reading and try to reply but, ladies, I have the flu.  It is a nasty nasty bug and it can leave quickly and quietly NOW.  Monday I noticed I had a new sort of cough.. it was HARD and hurt and wasn't the cough I had just gotten over which was residual from my sinus infection.  Tuesday I took my kiddo to dance and came home and started shivering!  Took my temp - 100.8.  Hmm... better send the 3 mos old home that I watch!  Took Tylenol and off came my clothes as I sweated it out.  It got to 101.4 before I sweat it out.  I went to bed early and woke up at 2 am moaning and shivering.  The hubby grabbed the thermometer, tylenol and a water for me and  yup... 102.0.  Took the pills and couldn't fall back asleep until I sweated it out again which happened rather quickly.

Called my PCP today and they diagnosed me over the phone... flu.  They called me in a prescription of Tamiflu and I've started that today.  Just finished sweating out my fever for the third time and had to change my shirt because it was soaked.  It's a good feeling but MAN it sucks at the same time.

So hang in there while I recover.   I'm still reading.  Don't  think poorly of me for not commenting very much.  I'm mostly just vegging on Facebook or watching a lot of tv.  I bet I'll lose some weight out of this, lol.  Ever the optimist.


  1. Oh you poor girl. I hope you get through this, and quickly!! Nothing worse than feeling awful.. makes dealing with day to day stuff impossible. Sending positive get well thoughts your way.

  2. OH No ! Hope you get better soon ! It always sucks when the care giver gets sick huh ?? Sending speedy recovery vibes !!

  3. Hope you are feeling better already!

  4. I spent my last week with the flu too...yucky!