Rockin' it Out!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A few Christmas pictures


This is me with my coworker, Michelle.  This was taken at our Christmas party.  I thought it was not only a cute picture of the both of us but we match!!!  Funny. :)

Me, being ridiculous Christmas morning.  Cadence picked out this scarf for me.  She told me she got me a scarf but I was surprised about what it looked like at least! :)  She did well!

I spent 5 hours baking cookies the Sunday before Christmas. Here I am with the results.  We still have plenty left after bringing a ton to Grandma's and having guests.  We'll be taking some more with to the NYE celebration we're attending.  Everything here was a tried and loved recipe except the cookie with the mint M&M on top and they will be permanently added to our list of cookies!

This totally cracks me up!  See the little hand on my water?  See the look on my face?  HAHA!  I am forever telling her to ASK before she takes my beverage and Chris happened to catch "the look" on camera.  TOO FUNNY!

Cadence is apparently not wanting her picture taken.  This is her with her cousin, my nephew, Dante.  He is 6 (SIX!) and weighs over 100 lbs.  :(  My sister needs to buy him adult sized clothes and she hems MEN's pants for him to wear.  I feel so bad for him.  All the kids were wrestling with the bigger kids and he broke a sweat... like a REAL sweat.  My kid plays hard and I have never seen her sweat like that, ever.  Makes me sad.  Also, my sister is forever defending how he got this way.  "He doesn't eat a lot." etc... umm yeah, saw that in action this weekend.  In fact I have a photo of him chugging Mountain Dew.  REGULAR mt dew. :(  Enough about that.

I'll end with this one.  I just loooove how fabulous and shiny my hair looks.  Hehe.  See how much my kiddo is helping too?  I work while she eats yogurt.. nice.

Happy New Year everyone!!! :)


  1. Great photos!! Your hair does look great :) Just purchased Biotin today hoping that helps!!!

  2. I always love seeing everybody's pics. Your hair does look amazing.

  3. Oh, your child knocks off your water too, huh?? That drives me nuts when mine do it too - it's like DON"T TOUCH.. otherwise I lose track of how much I have drunk.. Haven't managed to cure them yet lol but am trying.

    I feel for you little nephew. It's hard enough being an overweight adult let alone a child where you have no control. I hope your sister realises this soon.

    Love the pics of you. You look great .. and I loved the matching outfits with your friend. Co-incidence is the funniest thing.

  4. OMG the cookies! This is the first year EVER I have totally skipped the baking. I sort of missed it, but I sure did not miss having all the cookies around!

    You are looking great!

  5. Thanks for the cute pics Tiff. Wow on the baking. For someone like me that just does NOT bake, that is truly amazing. Do share your hair secret, what is making it shiny and beautiful?

  6. Those cookies look delicious, I bet it was hard to stay away :-)
    You look great

  7. Love the one of Cadence stealing your water. This is a daily occurance at my house too! Great pictures, you look awesome and the cookies are quite amazing!

  8. Tiffani,

    Hi! I just started reading your blog. Fun pics! I feel so bad for your nephew. I worry about making sure my kids have healthy eating habits and attitudes towards food. Anyway, you look fabulous and thanks for sharing your journey.