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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Family pictures and a fun email!

We had our family holiday photos (and C's 5 y/o pics) taken last Saturday and I posted the proofs to my photo site.  My aunt, Jane, saw them and forwarded a couple along to my grandma.  This is the email she sent to me and I'll follow it with a couple of the photos we had done.

"Jane sent me your new pictures & they are beautiful, boy. you are really looking good there.  That weight is sure coming off.  Stay warm & drive carefully.  Love ya"

Wasn't that fun!? <3 Love that lady, lol.  She knows how to give a good pick me up, for sure!

This is the photo we chose for our cards.  Along with a shot of Cadence by herself.

These aren't going where I want them to go, LOL.  Anyways, this is to stay accountable.  I don't particularly love this shot but it shows my whole body (mostly, I guess) and it also shows my kiddo's adorable skirt!  I chose her outfit and my outfit around that damn thing!  It's silver toile (no clue how to spell that but tells me that is the correct word and meaning!) and I paired it with a red shirt and ivory cardigan, hooded.  While I have no adorable skirt I am wearing dress pants in a twill material and a red shirt with ivory cardi.
Then we have a few cute ones of my bub :)

Are these really going to post side by side!!!  *gasp*  Well, here she is, my beautiful girl.  We had her hair curled for cheap at one of those walk-ins allowed salons and she absolutely loved that!  And, for $16 why not!?

The last one is the non-holiday pose the photographer did with us.  They all turned out about that great with Cadence only half smiling or smirking so we didn't purchase any of those.  She is a fantastic smiler so I was VERY disappointed that the photog couldn't get her to freakin' smile for ONE of the FIVE shots she took in this same pose.

And just one more for the day... I feel like I all I do is brag about how cute my kid is.. but that's what proud mamas do!! :)


  1. OMG that last one of your daughter is TOO adorable! And I love the skirt - my 3 yo has a silver tulle (thats the word you were looking for ;)) skirt AND a gold one, and she wears them constantly.

    You look great! Excellent color choices for the photos!

  2. she is soooooo freakin adorable! I really REALLY need to go get my daughters pictures taken I havent had them done in a LONGGGG time.[bad mommy...] anyhow I Love the pictures you are looking fantastic!!!!

  3. Your daughter is so precious!!!! You loook great too

  4. What a great looking family :) Cadence is so cute, she does a have fantastic smile!

  5. Your family is just beautiful and your little girl - too precious.. love her gorgeous smile. Wow, you are looking good.. you look healthy and happy and it just radiates from you.

    I loved the last shot where you are casually leaning on your elbow - what a shame your little girl didn't give a cheesy grin, they would have been a great asset to the album.

  6. Great photos! Your family is adorable. You will cherish these pictures....looking back I wish I would have taken more pictures when my kids were younger - and even some with me in them. :)

  7. Tiff~The pics came out sooo good! You look great and your little princess is adorable. HUGS

  8. Love the pics. Cadence is very photogenic. Looking good, Mama!

  9. you look terrific and they came out great!! that email is fabulous! way to go!

  10. Your family pics are great! And the pics of your daughter is just precious!! She is too cute!

    Happy Holidays