Rockin' it Out!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weight Break-Down

I answered a post on LBT about progress in the first couple months and it really put things in perspective for me. I checked my weights according to my excel sheet I have and pre-op I lost 8 lbs. In the first month I lost 12 lbs and the second month I lost only 5 lbs.

I'm HAPPY with that when I break it down but when I compare it to everyone else that's done SO awesome I get jealous and think I haven't lost enough. I guess for me, I have. I have mentioned how I don't feel much restriction even after my two fills so the 5 lbs loss this month shouldn't (and isn't) be too surprising! I can still eat a LOT and I know that. Also, I don't get to the gym.... period. I have this lovely new gym membership right up the damn road but do I go?! Hellll no! Got to summon the motivation for that NOW!

Anyways, I have my third fill tomorrow at 1:15 so I'm hoping to feel something more this week. I would really like to jump start this weight-loss ... once again.


  1. I hope you get a little restriction from the third fill. It's hard to loose when you're hungry all the time! and 5 lbs in one month is AMAZING without restriction. also think about it this way, you're only a few months out from surgery and you are already almost halfway to your goal! what was your highest weight?

  2. My highest weight was 256 and that was a year or so before surgery. I was at 245ish when I started my liquid pre-op diet and right now I'm hovering around 220 and have gotten as low as 218.