Rockin' it Out!

Friday, January 22, 2010

HAHA, I whine for no reason.

I realize now that there are many reasons to be unfollowed.  Perhaps they started a blog or thought about it and then it wasn't for them and deleted the account all together.  I know who my real people are and I follow them closely and I hope not to lose any of you!!!  :) Dumb post... I'm over it!

Anyways, I'm up two extra followers this morning, haha.  YAY!  I loooove my followers!!  If there's anything anyone wants to know, feel free to ask! :)

Things are going well here.  I hurt my back last night somehow.  I had personal training this morning and she basically just helped me stretch my back out and did some light, light exercises that wouldn't hurt it too much.  I'm running like a fiend lately.  Fiend in my definition is WAY more than I ever thought I would be running.  I guess I really never pictured myself running at ALL but I'm so glad I am.

Cadence is going to a water park hotel with her BFF's family tonight.  We are dropping her off after her gymnastics class and then we'll be free! ;)  We're taking advantage and going to dinner with friends tonight.  We have reservations at a great steakhouse.  Tomorrow we'll be relaxing and enjoying our alone time until she gets back.  Then Sunday we'll go to Chris' dad's house to celebrate his birthday, they're cooking us brunch.

Hope all of you have a fabulous weekend!!  I'm planning on it! :)


  1. Don't worry about being un-followed, I'm sure it is NOTHING you said or did, like you mentioned they probably just deleted their blog. I hope you have a wonderful weekend alone with the hubby, I'm sure it's much needed and will be very relaxing. Great job on all your running you've been doing, I'm kind of jealous lol!

  2. Hope you have a great weekend with the hubby!!!

  3. Well, hell, I am working backwards to catch up on blogs so I havent read your previous post...but I dont ever pay attention to see if my number drops. Do you think it is problem? lol...well we important followers are still here and that's all that matters!

  4. Amy - only reason I noticed is because I had recently noticed I was at an even 90. I thought, sweet... then I noticed last night I had 89... *sad face* LOL. However, now I'm at 92. I think it's like the scale... I'm gonna stop looking every day! :)

  5. Sounds like a great weekend !! ENJOY !!!!

  6. Add one more Tiffani!!! I'm following you...can you feel my eyes?! Thanks for stopping in and following me too! I've got so much reading to catch up on now!! -BG