Rockin' it Out!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm empty, along with some drama!

I went in yesterday to have my band emptied.  Apparently everyone that becomes pregnant in our clinic gets their band emptied in the first trimester sometime.  She hit my port on the first try and it was beyond simple.  She pulled as hard as she could (her words) and retrieved 4 ccs from my band.  FOUR CCS!!!!!  I was supposed to have 10.5 in there.  Then there was speculation that maybe the first fill didn't make it in... so then I should have had 7.5 in there.  Either way, that's not FOUR!  Where the HECK has 3.5-6.5 ccs gone!!!???? 

The NP was going to talk to my surgeon today and see what he thought.  She also emailed the band representative who is the Realize correspondent for our clinic.  Well, guess what?  She's on maternity leave!! :) Cute.  So the message was forwarded to someone who isn't familiar with my situation so the NP is going to have to tell him the whole story all over again.  We'll see what they think happened in there.

Also, I can start getting refilled after breastfeeding is well established so as to not interfere with my milk supply.  She suggested 3-6 mos after the baby is here.  I think we'll be saving our pennies to by another package to get fills and appts paid for for a year.  It's about $2100-2200 for a year.  I'll need that after baby.  IF we can figure out what's up that is.

She mentioned not thinking there was a leak because the fluid that came out was not a funny color.  Not sure what that means or what color it should be (red perhaps from blood?) but that's what was said. 

I posted my first pregnancy post on that blog.  I'd love to have all of you follow there if you're interested!!


  1. How in the heck did you only have 4ccs????? I would request a refund!!

  2. That is super crazy that you only have 4cc's in there! did they ever take it out before when they did your fills? My doc always ALWAYS takes what I have out to make sure that all of it is still in there and then he adds what he is going to add, He said that a TINY bit evaporates over time but in NO way that much!

  3. I'm going to check out your new blog - want all the goss.

    That is so weird. It def sounds like you had a leak just as suspected. My doc said its usual - perhaps over a year - to lose maybe a half a cc thru evaporation but girl, not that much. That's far too much by the sounds of it. At least you wont have to worry about leaky bands for a bit - you have more important things brewing in your tum now. A baby!!!