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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Blog Name and the Beginning

I opened another blog so I could keep my daughter's blog separate from mine and so family/friends/strangers could follow my journey to getting the lap band and the journey after.

I called the blog "Rocking the Band!" because I'm pretty much planning to rock the lap band! I think it's pretty self-explanatory but there it is :)

I've had a couple of appointments so far. I met with the psychologist on March 2 and he wanted me back in 4 weeks. He wanted me to cut out caffeine, carbonation, and start eating more snacks and smaller meals. I've done all of that so far. Caffeine was hard to cut out but once it was gone it's not a big deal, I don't miss it. Carbonation was easy. I thought I was addicted to the fizz but I had it alllll wrong! It was absolutely the caffeine. I drink water, crystal light and milk now. Milk just with breakfast and pretty much just water the rest of the day.

March 20 I saw the nutritionist. I had lost 3 lbs between the 2nd and the 20th. The psych also wanted me to lose 4-5 lbs (1 lb a week) so I felt that was pretty on track to losing that. The nutritionist wanted me to use the hunger scale and eat at a "3" and stop eating at a "7." I noticed after that meeting that I consistently eat to an "8." I am working on stopping before that "8" but it is hard stuff to change. She also wanted me to read a book so I bought 4, haha. She feels I'm an emotional eater... I'm not sure I agree but I'll do what needs to be done to get the process going. I am compliant! :)

March 30, Monday, I see the psych again. I'm a smidge anxious to see what my total weight loss will be. That monthly visitor reared her ugly face and I wanted to eat just about everything in sight.

I'm going to go to lunch with the family so I'll be back soon to post more.

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